Convergence 2014 Barcelona - Summary of day three

Convergence 2014 Barcelona - Summary of day three

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The last day of the conference was Thursday, and it was set up pretty much the same as Wednesday. A few of the more popular lectures are repeated both Wednesday and Thursday so it should be possible to not miss out.

I chose to hear more about the status of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, abbreviated MDM, and discuss new products with a number of the main suppliers.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

MDM is Microsoft's effort in the area of email marketing, landing pages, surveys, and events. MDM has evolved a lot over the past year, and it is now ready for use. The best new features are targeted at dynamic web pages and email.

An example of a dynamic web page is an entry form for a conference, in which the form content is adapted to the person filling in the form. One can imagine that customers in one industry will see completely different content in the form than customers in a different industry. In this, MDM is fully integrated with CRM so that it is your CRM data which control basically everything.

Dynamic emails have roughly the same function as dynamic web pages. This can be very time-saving for customers who have a large number of email templates for marketing. These can now be simplified to fewer templates, thus simplifying marketing work.

In addition to this, MDM has been given an interface (API) that enables you to subscribe and unsubscribe people to your newsletter from your webshop. This is a real scenario that several of our customers will clearly want to take advantage of. Another use case is the dispatch of order confirmations via email from your order system.  (not only Microsoft systems).

The weakness of MDM in my view remains that the service lacks some essential points. The biggest one is probably that the event section is too difficult to set up for regular users. Especially when you compare it with, and how easily this can be done.

Our assessment is that MDM is best suited to large companies and complex needs. What is right for you should be considered from case to case. We will be happy to find the best solution for you.

Click Dimensions

I passed by and greeted Lisa from our partner Click Dimensions. Latest news from the edge is integration with This offers a good opportunity to conduct events of all kinds without development.

Click Dimensions as a company is growing well, they offer rock solid service in email marketing, surveys, landing pages, customer journeys, and more.

They have good web pages we recommend you have a look at.


PowerBI and reporting were mentioned in my comments from the first day of the conference.  PowerBI is Microsoft's big bet on reporting and analysis. So it is perhaps not surprising that the same technology is fully integrated with Dynamics CRM 2015. (Available from December/January). The following video shows clearly how this is implemented:

Technical service equipment

Panasonic had new equipment for use in the field on display.

I had a demo where the representative threw the device straight across the floor,  So it can really withstand a beating. They make several versions where the only difference is the screen size. What is also useful is the built-in card reader that allows you to charge for your commission right away.


Last but not least was a quick visit with DocuSign. Their systems are becoming increasingly integrated with Office 365, SharePoint and CRM, and are highly recommended. We at ProsessPilotene are not only the reseller, we are also a customer. And we save a lot of time using DocuSign every day. Highly recommended.

Thanks for now

After three intense days, I am now sitting on the plane and reflecting on the conference. To sum it up, I enjoyed this year's conference more than last year's.

I've been working with Dynamics CRM for seven years now. When I started there was hardly a blog about CRM, and the number of suppliers making a living from CRM and add-on software were very few. Now, seven years later, an entire industry has been established around Dynamics CRM. Both growth and innovation rate increase from year to year by over 20% per year. Especially when it comes to innovatio, I see many bright spots that will create great value for our customers in the future.

Now is a good time to be a (working) ProsessPilot.

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