Convergence 2014 Barcelona - Summary of day two

Convergence 2014 Barcelona - Summary of day two

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Deep Dive Sessions

The "Deep dive" sessions between 9.30-11.00 were very specific, focusing on training within the ERP system Dynamics AX and the ERP system Navision. The most exciting session of these dealt with training on deployment and maintenance of Unified Service Desk (USD). This confirms what we saw yesterday, that the Unified Service Desk tool is becoming the primary work surface for call center employees. Repeating what was said yesterday: Unified Service Desk creates a unified workspace that provides caseworkers with total access to all the tools they need, whether that be CRM, Telephony system, ERP system, or order systems.

Big conference, small meetings

Although the conference is enormous, the opportunities for direct encounters are very good.

ProsessPilotene attended three exclusive meetings with Microsoft personnel. Here we had the opportunity to talk to each other directly and informally. We managed to raise issues that both we and our customers are concerned about. Such meetings are very useful for us, in that they provide a unique opportunity to give direct feedback to those who can influence the further development of Dynamics CRM, the training program and the collaboration between Microsoft and its partners.

ProsessPilotene were the only Norwegian Microsoft partner present at these meetings.

CRM User Group

After the meetings with Microsoft, ProsessPilotene had a session with Onika Allan from CRM User Group (UG). The need for a user forum on CRM in Norway is substantial. And the need is growing as more and more companies use CRM systems for automating sales and marketing processes.

ProsessPilotene are working on creating such a user forum which will be named CRM UG Norge. CRM UG Norge will be headed by a board, which will consist of CRM users - not vendors. We are still looking for people who can assume a role on the board. Contact Frode if you would like to contribute 30-40 hours of your time over a year.


<>The food at the conference is impressively good, considering the size of the refectory ...

Document production

After lunch, I stopped by ProsessPilotene's partner for document production as a service: Invensio, with their service XperiDo.

The most exciting news here is that the new version of XperiDo (3.3) is made available to all customers in December, at no extra cost. It is, after all, a "Software as a Service." What is new in this version is the integration with DocuSign. This means that all documents produced in XperiDo can be signed electronically, thereby saving you time. (ProsessPilotene are the Norwegian distributor of both XperiDo and DocuSign)

Customer care

I mentioned yesterday that Parature will strengthen Microsoft's commitment to customer care. Many people ask about what this means in practice, and this was presented as follows:

In this picture you see that Parature supplies a knowledge base and self-service portals. The knowledge base is created to enable the customers to solve the problems themselves. This means that customers who use self-service portal will get answers to their questions, giving satisfied customers without customer service personnel having to answer them. The companies that use this technology save a lot of time, and their customers are more satisfied.

As the picture above shows, Parature supports customer service across all channels, such as instant messaging, mobile and social networks. Thus, you can provide outstanding customer service on, for example, a Facebook page:

So what is the cost of this? Well, prices are not ready for Norway, but in the US, a suite of CRM online, Unified Service Desk, Dynamics Marketing, and Parature will cost $200/user/month. If so, this is a very good price. Most email marketing tools like Apsis are far more expensive.

Yesterday, I mentioned examples of how machine learning (artificial intelligence) could be used in e-commerce scenarios. Parature uses the same technology to build better knowledge bases:

It is amazing that a technology like artificial intelligence is now widely available through Windows Azure. Today, the technology is delivered as a service, and it provides ample opportunities for improved sales, marketing and customer service.

SuperOffice Dynamics CRM migration

ProsessPilotene often receive requests for migration of data from SuperOffice. Such projects have traditionally been very expensive because SuperOffice does not allow for export of data in a way that makes them importable in Dynamics CRM. This stumbling block is now history!

Lutras CRM have created a tool that exports data and documents from SuperOffice to simple files. The same tool can be used to import the documents into Dynamics CRM.

Importing data into Dynamics CRM is then done either through the use of CRM's own data import or Scribe Online.

So what does this mean in practice: ProsessPilotene can now migrate SuperOffice customers to Dynamics CRM at a fixed price. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Norwegian evening

There is a tradition that the Norwegian visitors gather for a dinner. So it will be this year. I'm looking forward to it, and thank you for the past day.

For ProsessPilotene in Barcelona,

Frode Stenstrøm