ProsessPilotene turn three

ProsessPilotene turn three

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On November 18, 2011, ProsessPilotene were formally established. That means we turn three years old today. We would primarily seize the opportunity to thank our customers for the tasks we have been entrusted with. Secondly, we wish to thank our competent employees for their great efforts and contributions to our company.

Some history

Over the last three years, our customer base has grown tremendously. Over 3,000 people use our CRM solutions daily, and we see that this number is growing rapidly. We have completed a course almost every week over the past year, either online or in a classroom.

Our first CRM deliveries were in the largest Norwegian cities. Now we have clients all over the country, and we are working more and more with international companies.

Our partnership with Microsoft has been strengthened, and we renewed our Managed Partner status for the second time this summer. We have also developed partnership agreements with several companies such as DocuSign, Invensio, Click Dimensions, MS-CRM addons, and Trillium, to name a few.

The future

So what is the future focus? We will continue working to establish the best competence environment within marketing, sales and customer service processes. Our deliveries in these areas will increasingly be provided as subscription services, as an alternative to projects. The purpose is to provide deliveries normally reserved for large companies to smaller companies.

We have never had a backlog as big as now, and we will therefore continue to recruit talented individuals who can help develop and automate work processes.

Our next focus will be a competency center where we will offer courses related to our core processes (marketing, sales and customer service) to our customers. The courses will include everything from technical training for systems and methodical training in work processes, to coaching of sales managers.