Per Kveim is appointed as the new general manager

Per Kveim is appointed as the new general manager

The demand for CRM as a tool and for process improvement is increasing, the CEO of consulting firm ProsessPilotene, Per Kveim, confirms. Both public and private companies put customer relationship management and optimization of working processes on the agenda as never before. The perception of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has changed from being a computer tool for sales departments to  becoming the entire organization's strategic platform for enterprise management of  customer related processes.

The demand for the company's services is great, and ProsessPilotene have assembled several of the leading CRM experts in Norway.

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM now seems to be the obvious choice in the Norwegian market"

says Kveim who wants to attract even more CRM specialists in the time ahead. Growth and development of the organization are next.

After 3 years of solid development, the Asker-based company's commitment is further strengthened through the appointment ofnthe former CEO of Software Innovation and HolteByggsafe, Per Kveim, as a new partner and general manager. Kveim brings over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and the CRM market in the Nordic countries along with him.

"This is real fun - with talented colleagues, the best products and Microsoft on the team, everything is set for many exciting and successful projects"

says an enthusiastic Kveim who expects a good, stable growth of the company going forward.

CRM and digital processes in focus

ProsessPilotene see a change in the market where the public sector organizations will lead the commitment to acieve better customer experiences and better service. It is has not been long since the concepts of CRM and customer were virtually absent in the sector. Now, innovation reigns. Previously manual processes are being digitized and automated at a renewed pace. The organizations want to provide better service and self-service while offering relevant messages regardless of the channel. Both insight and overview are needed to accommodate this.

CRM implementations have not always produced the expected success. ProsessPilotene are at the forefront of reversing this trend.

"We work in order for the customer to have success in his projects, to achieve good results, and to get more satisfied customers. Dialogue and anchoring of IT to the business and senior management are crucial for success. Experienced consultants who know both the CRM profession and the technology are equally important."

All those who are to use a new CRM system must experience a significant advantage that simplifies their workday. With Dynamics CRM's unique adaptability and process support, this is now much easier to obtain, according to ProsessPilotene's experiences. The possibilities of the product are almost unlimited, and at the same time, we can start out simple and let the system grow with the organization's changing needs and development, something we have never seen before in any of the many CRM products we previously worked with. We are particularly impressed with the strong process support that makes it possible to produce huge gains in interaction-oriented issues for which we previously had no good solutions.

About ProsessPilotene

The core competency of ProsessPilotene is CRM. The company delivers the entire chain from the implementation of the system to optimization of work processes, organizational change and business consulting. Deliveries are mainly based on services for process improvement in the field of sales-marketing and service as well as the Dynamics CRM product from Microsoft. In addition to this, special modules for document management and electronic signature are offered.

It requires organiztion and good processes, also in our own ranks, to handle this.With Kveim at the helm, ProsessPiloten have set the course for the future.

ProsessPilotene plan for 100% growth in 2015 and 50% growth in 2016.

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