ProsessPilotene has turned four

ProsessPilotene has turned four

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It's a great day for us at ProsessPilotene. Last Thursday,  on November 18, it has been four years since we opened shop. To celebrate this event, all of our employees were gathered to celebrate  our birthday and this year's Christmas party.

In the past year, lots of exciting things have happened. We have doubled the number of employees, hired  Per Kveim as our new general manager, we were elected this year'sMicrosoft partner in the Dynamics CRM online category. Apart from this, our customer portfolio grew.

When Morten and Frode started the company four years ago, two main objectives were in focus:

One was to build an environment of competencies in work processes related to sales, marketing and customer service supported by Dynamics CRM. We wanted to collect all the talented people who worked only with CRM in the larger consulting firms under one roof.

The second goal objective to create a solid business and a healthy work environment where employees can grow and learn from each other.

During the four years that have passed, we can confidently say that both objectives have been achieved.

So where do we go from here?We have a goal of increasing the number of pilots to about 20 employees. We aim to maintain our focus on CRM processes, and we will also focus more on processes related to resource management. We are already well underway, and we will focus even more on reporting solutions using the PowerBI tool.

Finally, we would like to seize this opportunity to thank all our customers for our collaboration. ProsessPilotene would be nothing without our customers' confidence in us and our excellent staff.