Dynamics CRM theme day

Dynamics CRM theme day

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Wednesday April 6, the stage is set for Common Dynamics CRM theme day at the offices of Microsoft Norway. Matias Mjåvatn, CRM consultant at ProsessPilotene, will give a lecture on how information and automated activities can be used to create a more efficient organization, and how relevant communications at the right time can help ensure more satisfied, loyal and self-propelled customers.

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In today's society, your customers take it for granted that your employees are updated across any sales opportunities, service cases and marketing activities at all times. Beside your customers expecting it, it can be used to provide a significant advantage for your business. Matias will tell all about the method we follow in order to continuously streamline and automate customer processing using Dynamics CRM.   

With all relevant customer information in one customer screen, sales, service and marketing work together to create an optimized customer relationship. That's how the interaction that lays the foundation for a great customer experience is facilitated. This will in turn lead to cost efficiency and increased revenue.

All of us at ProsessPilotene are proud to be contributing our experience of using Dynamics CRM, and we look forward to an exciting and eventful day.

Haven't signed up yet? There are still slots available. Click here for more information about the event and how to sign up!